Makers5 Founders


Darla Boljat – Painter and Art teacher

Darla teaches painting at the Sherwood Center for the Arts and takes private students in her home studio.  You can contact Darla via her web page at 

Juliet Armstrong – Jewelry Designer and maker

Juliet offers her one of a kind jewelry for sale on Etsy and directly from her home studio.

Sharon Orella – Maker

Sharon offers her functional fabric creations online through ETSY in her shop SpoosyBoo Co and directly from her home studio.

Lori Randel – Collage Artist and recycled art advocate

You can find Lori’s collage and recycled art in local art events such as Four Eights at the Sherwood Center for the Arts.

David Gilmore – Photographer and Digital Artist

You can find David Gilmores photography on his website.  He has greeting cards and framed art available.  Contact him if you are interested in one or more of his incredible photographs.

One thought on “Makers5 Founders

  1. Post Cards–avocation or obsession? At the risk of sounding like an Artist’s Statement, that sacred shibboleth that plagues entrance forms, (1) I can obsess about things if I want to, is that alright with you? (2) re-purposing the detrita of 21st Century life into original works of fine art is a sacred mission, and (3) I can make an original work of art for nothing but the investment of my time and mail it to someone for $0.47 and I’d like to see someone try and do that with a Picasso. Your post cards will arrive soon.



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